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There is always more to the story,
but this is a good place to begin -

Let's not make you cry with the details of how I battled cancer and underwent a Bone Marrow transplant, instead join the ride as I travel my Hero’s Journey.
Born in the desert during a sandstorm; I appeared out of nowhere. 
Well, not exactly. I grew up in Israel and studied at the School of Communication Arts in London, England, I settled in Los Angeles, CA in the mid-90th. I love to travel, am not afraid of the dark and music is my heartbeat.

I am a meditation and mindfulness teacher and an artist specializing in silkscreen printing, where the analog practice is still very much a staple of the essence in a digital world. Like meditation and mindfulness, where an ancient practice is scientifically proven to be essential for a life of wellbeing in this time and age. 

Very proud to be a mother to twins (another reason to practice mindfulness), I love to create and am an accomplished artist and Arts Education Fellow with ACTIVATE LA. I’m making art with heart in mind, saying yes to adventure, no to roller coasters, and always going for a good laugh.

My creative outlook and curiosity provide me with wide-angle to observe situations that might be perceived as obstacles as opportunities, this propelled me to a successful career as a cooperate executive in the communication industry before life presented me with a challenge by the name of cancer, which resulted in finding again and anew my true passion and purpose, living a mindful life with meditation and art.

Malky web sm.jpg

"Even if you are not ready for day

it cannot always be night."  

Gwendolyn Brooks

I have practiced meditations in different forms for the past 2 decades, yet my meditation and mindfulness practice has deepened when twelve years ago I was challenged with a life-threatening illness. Since then, with regained health, I’ve been dedicated to learning from noble teachers, spending many weeks in silent retreats which I love, and obtaining knowledge to develop practices to better the quality of life for cancer patients, and anyone that is challenged with life in any capacity, or want to enquire abilities for greater wellbeing.
I am devoted and always enthusiastic to share my passion for mindfulness with individuals and communities, with a belief in contributions to the better good.

It is an honor to know that my teachings helped many through my work with various organizations and institutes, including the Los Angeles Department of Recreation, Stand By Me, The Wellness Community, and Goodlife Academy among others. 
Having a capacity to relate to challenges and trauma experienced by cancer patients, enable me to work with individuals to develop resilience, self-compassion, and a greater ability to face the difficulties of pain and distress, which results in less stress and better quality of life.

My calling is to empower one’s with the ability and freedom to choose how to respond to what may arise as life unfolds.

Related Training & Certifications

Mindfulness teacher - UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center

Training in Mindfulness and Awareness Teaching - UCLA Health Mindfulness Awareness Research Center

MBCR - Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery (Currently ongoing)

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